MF Training

Magic Week – One Week Fellowship

Our most exclusive experience. Only 6 participants in 6 full days of the most different types of noses e techniques. 

7 Surgeries in which the participants will be able to be side by side with Dr. MF. In the middle of the program (Wednesday) Dr. MF will take you to the cadaverlab where you will be able to choose the technique you want to try in your own fresh frozen cadaver under close supervision of Dr. MF and team.

Your day will start at 7:00 am and will finish 21:00 pm at Dr. MF’s house. Every dinner will be a chance to prepare the cases for the next day and review what was done in OR during the day. Bring your cases to be discussed.

Come and enjoy how Dr. MF uses the philosophy of precision preservation in primary, ethnic and even revision patients and reproduce in your fresh frozen specimen.


Availability: 1st Semester: 

•April 8-13th 

•June 3-8th 

2nd Semester: 

•September 9-14th 

•December 2-7th

60 hours Workload 

•Piezo and Drill will be available for each workstation and its use will be taught during the

•Free Access to our Teaching Materials through our platform (RhinoAnatomy III, IV and V;
Dissection videos and Special Lectures) for 30 days 


•Portuguese and Spanish 

•Check Special dates and groups for English

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Online Platform and Previous Editions of Rhino Anatomy

Rhino Play

Online Platform and Previous Editions of Rhino Anatomy

Magic Week – One Week Fellowship