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FaceAnatomy – The New Era of Facelift(Deepplane)

The first seed of this course was planted in 2019 when Dr. Mário Ferraz and Dr. Jair Maciel met in Dr. Jacono’s OR in New York. Both were in search of “Extended Deepplane Face Lift”.

Together they bring to you some of the most modern techniques in Surgical Facial Rejuvenation in a exclusive 3 days course designed for 14 participants. First day we will bring to your home international and national invited masters in an live
online version to prepare you for the next 2 days.

Two days of hands on cadaver lab where we will cover all the aspects of facial anatomy and you will be able to reproduce the techniques you want – plication, embrication, deepplane; you will be guided to the rejuvenation of the eyes, forehead and neck. Finally our “cherry on the cake” – you will learn how to deal with and treat submandibulary glands.

Topics Covered:

Deepplane Facelift; Deep Necklift; Brow Lift; Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty; Approach to Submandibulary Glands




1nd Semester:

•May 19, 24 and 25th

26 hour workload

Free Access to lectures will be provided


•Portuguese and Spanish 

•Check Special dates and groups for English

Rhino Play

Online Platform and Previous Editions of Rhino Anatomy

Rhino Play

Online Platform and Previous Editions of Rhino Anatomy

FaceAnatomy – The New era of facelift(the deepplane)

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